People Also Played More... Visit Farmerama Games Like Farmerama Experience the wonder of nature first hand, and put your green fingers to work in this top online game.

A country home to call your own; isn't that what every city slicker wants? If you dream of planting trees and raising cute animals, then you are in luck, as FARMERAMA is for you!
Get your hands dirty on the farm and have a great time with hijinx and wacky animals in this online game. If you're into gardening, harvesting and breeding animals, then you'll love FARMERAMA.

You can play FARMERAMA online with thousands of other farmers, and barter and trade to your heart's content. Every farmer is out to be the best and to raise the best animals, and FARMERAMA has plenty of activities to make this happen. Hop in your truck and take a trip to the city. Sell your goods at the Farmers' Market or complete special contracts for the Farmers' Society. Take a trip across the sea to grow tropical plants and trees in BAHAMERAMA. Plus, the regular special events will ensure there is always something new happening in the game! FARMERAMA is your top destination for online social gaming!

The community is the heart of online gaming

FARMERAMA has tons of social-networking features to let you build relationships with other players.

The post office lets the farmers keep in touch, share recipes, exchange jokes or just inform them about the latest gossip. Farmers can read the latest news and find out interesting facts about plants and animals, join contests, or simply chat on the forums. Have fun with your fellow players - join a community flower patch, or send (and receive!) gifts such as special plants and animals to decorate your garden, toolboxes and floral wire to enhance your farm or how about a wedding ring?
Getting started in farming is a simple process – just get online, open your browser and register.
It’s completely free, and before you know it, you'll be an all-star farmer!

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Farmerama with Jenny Ciocodeica and 5 others.

Farmerama is now accessible via facebook app, too. Have fun! June 30, 2011

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