People Also Played More... Visit Dark Orbit Games Like Dark Orbit During the third century, Earth witnessed massive upheaval. Not only did the climate change drastically, but the very nature of the planet was slowly and inexorably altered. Human civilization had developed between two ice ages and reached its golden age during this warmer period in the Earth's climate. But the dramatic change in climate forced mankind to seek out new habitats. Naturally their gaze turned to the stars, into the DarkOrbit!

Peace was threatened by the formation of three large companies that fought for control of the DarkOrbit universe's resources. These three mighty companies have been waging war in outer space for centuries; do you have the power to end it?

Duty calls! Enlist today and become a space pilot; explore dangerous galaxies deep in space. Wipe out entire alien races, collect rare minerals to increase your wealth, or take part in epic battles and annihilate the opposing companies!

Play with and against thousands of real players in an action-packed space game. Compete as part of one of three colossal companies and do your part to fight to galactic dominance! Undertake quests designed for newbies and pros alike and build yourself up into a fully fledged space pilot.

Only the strongest survive in DarkOrbit.
Futuristic Bigpoint Games Space Shooter Spaceships MMO PC Sci-Fi MMORPG Download Guilds PvP Free to play / Freemium
Media Sources May, 2014

Dark Orbit

The DarkOrbit Reloaded team wishs you a happy weekend! May 30, 2014

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Dark Orbit

Darkorbit with Toprak Utku Oral and 4 others.

"BRAAAAGR!" May 28, 2014

Dark Orbit

Darkorbit with Tom Grivet-Seyve and 5 others.

Only one week left to collect capsules for the Hitac Lottery 2014!

Have a look below to see what you can win from the lottery.

Good luck to all!
May 26, 2014

Dark Orbit

Find some epic space-related wallpapers on for free! Isn't space a beautiful place?
May 21, 2014

Dark Orbit

Darkorbit with Toprak Utku Oral and Niyazi Zingir.

The Hitacs are up to no good again. Get out there and dispel them out of the orbit.

Don't forget to collect its debris and get the chance to win high value prizes in the Sun and/or Moon lottery.
May 19, 2014

Dark Orbit

Darkorbit with Borja Hidalgo and 3 others.

DarkOrbit Reloaded was voted 3rd for the RPC Fantasy Award 2014 at the Roleplay Convention in Cologne last weekend.

Thanks for your support!
May 14, 2014

Dark Orbit

DarkOrbit Reloaded is giving away 10 Razer HAMMERHEAD headphones and 10 exclusive 3D GOLIATH models!

Find out more at
May 14, 2014

Dark Orbit

Darkorbit with Carlos Mauricio Paz and Niyazi Zingir.

See the final results of the Battle for Influence in this beautiful infographic.

If you have trouble with reading it, use this link to the full size graphic:
May 13, 2014

Dark Orbit

Darkorbit added a life event from May 11, 2014: RPC Fantasy Award 2014 (3rd place).

May 11, 2014

Dark Orbit

Is anyone going to stream the Jackpot Arena tonight?

If yes, please do not hide it from the public and post the link to your channel in the comments.
May 11, 2014

Dark Orbit

Darkorbit with Borja Hidalgo and Niyazi Zingir.

Download the Razer Comms App ( between May 10th-16th and get a bonus code to redeem it into awesome rewards in DarkOrbit Reloaded which will help you to compete in the Razer PvP Week.

Do you already have the Razer Comms App? No problem, you could also get the bonus code and register an account on and benefit from it right from the beginning!
May 10, 2014

Dark Orbit

Darkorbit with Niyazi Zingir.

Register now for this Sunday's Jackpot Arena and compete against players from all around the world. Be the first to win the new global JPA! May 9, 2014

Dark Orbit

Darkorbit with Ali Osman Aydın and Thu Chiquita Linda.

For the first time ever, we will run the Jackpot Arena as a global event this weekend! Who will be the first to win?

Click here to get more detailed information:
May 7, 2014

Dark Orbit

DarkOrbit Reloaded - Live on Stage @ Roleplay Convention 2014 in Cologne, Germany

Meet us in hall 5.2 on B-050A for a proper Community Meet-&-Greet (Sat. 14h and Sun. 12:30h) - or join our Developer Session on Saturday 16h CEST and Sunday 15h CEST.

Looking forward to seeing you. :)
May 2, 2014

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