People Also Played More... Visit Animal Jam Games Like Animal Jam National Geographic Animal Jam is an exciting online playground for kids who love animals and the outdoors. Join millions of players, where you can create and customize your own animal characters and dens, socialize, play games, complete quests, and feed your curiosity about animals through access to the vast multimedia libraries of National Geographic. Animal Jam is a safe and fun place to explore online, and it inspires children to explore and protect the natural world outside their own doors!

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Media Sources November, 2019

Animal Jam

Frozen Palace & Ice Queen in Animal Jam | PlayWild Animated Adventures


PlayWild is super excited about the seasons changing and the countdown to the start of holidays!! So she’s decorated the Snowy Citadel to look like the palace from a movie she really wants to see! Do you want to build a snowman with her?

#AnimalJam #PlayWild #Frozen2 #KidsGames
November 26, 2019

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Animal Jam

Autumnal Feast of Thanks Dens! | Animal Jam - Play Wild Parade of Dens

The leaves are falling, the hot cocoa is being sipped, and the gorgeous dens of Jamaa are being decorated for Feast of Thanks! Check out these amazing Animal Jam and Play Wild dens designed by Candywolffylove, Cutepotatoxo, Happycatz19, Snowyartaj, Pugfluff, Birthdays, Danearys, Yumspaghettiyum, and Leidelobaaj. We will be sending each on of them an Epic Den Plaque, a Black Long Spike Collar in Animal Jam and a Blackout Spiked Collar in Play Wild! #AnimalJam #PlayWild #KidsGames November 22, 2019

Animal Jam

The Vintage Estate - Sneak Peek! | Animal Jam - Play Wild

Soon to arrive in Animal Jam Play Wild: the Vintage Estate!

Get ready to deck out this elegant villa with all the autumn decorations one needs to host the most EPIC Feast of Thanks celebration yet. #AnimalJam #PlayWild #KidsGames
November 19, 2019

Animal Jam

Ostriches are Running to Play Wild - Sneak Peek! | Animal Jam - Play Wild

These dapper birds are shaking a tail feather over to Animal Jam Play Wild, and the animals of Jamaa are ready to welcome these strange flightless birds! Ostriches and their stellar style will soon be arriving – log in to see what's new in Animal Jam Play Wild!

#AnimalJam #PlayWild #Ostrich #KidsGame
November 6, 2019

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